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Mowing Contracts - 2018
We are now accepting new Contract Customers for the 2018 Landscape Season.  Sign up for Year Round Lawn/Landscape Care, with Average Monthly Billing.  Allow us to customize a program to meet your needs -- Mowing, Fertilizer/Weed Control, and Shrub/Bed Care are available on a Contract Basis.  Other Landscape services such as Season Color & Mulch, Landscape Renovation, Design & Installation of Perennial or Shrub Beds, etc., are also available.   


Freezing Temperatures Predicted!
Once again, North Texas is under a possible Winter Weather Advisory this weekend, February 10th - 11th. 
In the event of freezing temperatures, damage is most commonly found in dry areas of the landscape.  Thorough watering is recommended to prevent or minimize damage to lawns and landscape plants.   Water thoroughly, well in advance of the anticipated freeze.  Always water during daylight hours, when temperatures are above freezing, and allow ample time for foliage to dry before nightfall or dropping temperatures. 
Reminder, turn your Sprinklers OFF to avoid icing driveways, sidewalks and streets!    
Sprinkler Tips for Winter
Sprinkler Maintenance Tips for Winter Check sprinklers for leaks and broken heads, before freezing winter temperatures arrive.  Check Controller to be sure time and date are accurate.  Review run time for each zone, days of operation, and start times.  Replace back-up battery in Controller, as well as battery in wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor.  
Fall Color Available Now!
Fall & Winter Color are available for immediate planting from our Local Growers!  Call now to order yours!!!  Pansies are always a favorite, but if Rabbits are a problem in your Neighborhood, there are alternatives!  Rabbit Resistant selections include Snapdragons, Alyssum, and Dianthus -- all available now.  If the Rabbits are making a Salad of your Pansies, give us a call!  
No minimum order requirements for established Maintenance Contract Customers. 
Ask us about our Year Round Residential Maintenance Program -- we offer convenient Average Monthly Billing!  

Poole's Lawn & Landscape has performed services for our home for over 11 years. Their quality work and consistency is what we appreciate the most. David's crew has performed lawn & shrub/bed maintenance, applied chemicals, planted trees & shrubs, and resolved drainage issues. David & Danette are professional in the operation of their business -- we recommend them to personal friends without reservation.

Bob & Lisa S., The Colony, Texas

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